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Summit Human Resources Consultants is a strategic consulting organization focused on providing the guidance, resources, and solutions that organizations need to navigate today’s complex employment environment. The average business spends around two-thirds of its annual budget on compensation expenses, making it one of the most crucial areas to manage and maximize. Even a small mistake in hiring or managing the performance of personnel can be difficult for an organization to overcome. In addition, the complexity of Federal and state employment laws makes it even more challenging for managers and supervisors to know how they can manage their team.

The consulting team at Summit Human Resources Consultants understands the challenges and struggles that employers face today. Each consultant has first-hand experience dealing many of the same hurdles that our clients face today. Furthermore, our team understands the need to not only limit the organization’s exposure to liability from noncompliance, but also the necessity of doing so while still getting the best possible return on the investment that is made in the organization’s employees.

Experience is the best teacher, and Summit is proud to offer our clients access to the many years of experience of our consulting team. Every organization needs the right team in place to realize its potential, but building and managing that team can be a daunting task. We would love to put our experience to work for you and help you put the strategies and processes in place to allow your organization to reach its full potential.

Recruitment and Retention

Finding and keeping
the right employees

Policies and Procedures

Writing compliance
and understandable policies


Payroll processing, tax deposits,
and forms filing


Developing and updating
employee manuals

Time and Labor Management

Gathering and utilizing data for planning
and compliance

Supervisor Training

Programs for ensuring
employee compliance

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